About Us

XEXYMIX means unlimited sexy, It’s the combination meaning of mathematical unknown X and SEXY. And the MIX means the mix match of workout and daily wear. XEXYMIX has researched for a very long time how can we possibly make the good quality with special design cost-effectively. And finally, we found a comfortable fit, trendy design, and best fit of activewear for individuals after numerous of tests and researches. Now, we proudly present you our Creactivewear XEXYMIX.


XEXYMIX is an activewear brand for women who enjoys
various sports and those who seek for better performance.
Our brand provides infinite possibilities to individuals with
functional active wear for various sports.
These include a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.
Functional yet trendy, XEXYMIX team undergoes endless
research and development to produce essential and unique
#Comfortable Fit #Special Design #High quality
xexymix hk 
We know how much you care about your fit and look.
We always try to find the best products through tons
of tests for customer’s needs.
We believe that the XEXYMIX we made
gives you inspiration in your life and moreover
the energy you can keep move on.

That’s what we care of mostly.
And this is how XEXYMIX
approach to everyone.